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Love is a power that’s about more than romance, butterflies in your stomach or desire—it’s an awakening force that holds the key to actualizing all you want to bring forward in your life.

Working with thousands of clients and speaking to audiences across the globe, my unique methodology puts love at the center of all solutions. As your partner, I’ll guide you in decoding and reactivating your own inner strength and wisdom so that love comes into realignment.

It is often easier to relate to the value and power of love in our personal lives.  However, in business the notion of the power of love has felt too soft at best or irrelevant.  And…I think this is the next shift.  Business as a catalyst for broader collective good.  And as it turns out…love based behaviors in business are good for business.

Recent research shows a consistent and significant relationship between high character leadership and business results. There is a profitability impact of high character leadership delivering 9.35% Return on Assets (ROA) in contrast to self focused CEO’s and senior team members at 1.93% ROA. (Source: Return on Character The Real Reason Leaders and Their Companies Win by Fred Kiel Ph.D. (2015). Four traits of high character leaders are not surprisingly, love- based. They include: Integrity, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Responsibility.

No other competency has the capacity to transform life and business like the power love. The solutions are and begin within. Illuminate your potential. Live your highest expression. Right here. Right now.

About Jeanine Thompson
Growth Catalyst

Jeanine Thompson is passionate about everyone remembering their intrinsic worth, connecting to the wisdom within, and living as their highest expression.

Fusing experience as a former Fortune 50 executive, evidenced-based psychotherapist and energy worker, Jeanine’s approach is fresh, fun,  and unlike any other.

A highly successful International HR executive, she’s led diverse teams, delivered key-notes to large audiences, and helped navigate the way toward profitability; while empowering personal and professional growth. An agent of change, she was a key leader in supporting high-profile international acquisitions and divestitures across the globe.

For a decade, Jeanine led a thriving evidence-based psychotherapy practice, where she was honored to guide clients as they experienced transformation, peace, happiness and success. A Reiki Master and certified yoga instructor, she is infused with a deep reverence for the power of energy and our body’s innate wisdom. Passionate about her commitment to service, Jeanine volunteered with hospice clients and their families as they step through life’s journey and transition to more love and light.

She is a woman who walks her talk—both barefoot and in stilettos—and shares openly about her own journey, lessons, triumphs and do-over moments. Today she weaves together a work and life practice that combine unparalleled business acumen with heartfelt insights and the capacity for light and limitless expansion.

Jeanine holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and has completed Marie Forleo’s B-School.