Fire & Flow

Self-awareness is the most powerful tool we possess to live a full life. For most of us “our self” is a mystery – vexing our efforts to just be happy.
The Fire & Flow process gave me more insight into what is truly delightful for me. But more importantly it helped me understand the mine/mind fields that litter the way to delight. I am now aware of pesky thoughts and habits that have surfaced over the years informing my decisions and state of happiness. This awareness allows me to reshape my thoughts to serve me. The really exciting thing is that the process left me with the ability to evolve that awareness, because things do CHANGE!
I did Fire & Flow because of a major transition in my life. It was very stressful – I wanted it to be a “new” chapter with lots of freedom but fear was driving unhealthy future commitments. The transition is now complete – wouldn’t change a thing. The new freedom offers lots of opportunity to use my new Fire & Flow skills.


“Fire and Flow is the best process out there to supercharge your own effectiveness as a leader, manager, parent, spouse, friend and human being. There isn’t a self-help book, executive coach or therapist that can so easily and practically bring so many principles together that are so productive, fast and whole. It’s a very tangible non- threatening way to look yourself in the mirror and see very clear, easy strategies to not only create a life that’s better for you, but one that offers exponential impact to those around you. One of the beauties of the process is Jeanine leads you to your own conclusions—so all that is awakened and realized is authentically yours.”

Jennifer Hovelsrud

“Fire and Flow has helped me reclaim some of my gifts and talents that have not emerged fully in a long time. It is such a gift to me and my family has benefited too from the joy this brings to my life. As a busy mother of three with a rewarding career, it was important for me to have practical tools and exercises that I can briefly choose each day. And I do. I honestly feel as though the hours in the day have been expanded and my daily energy is better and lasts longer.”


“I wanted to Thank You once more for sharing your Fire and Flow program!! As a person who is relatively new to meditation and energy work, I absolutely LOVED the format of this program!! It was laid out simply, your approach is uplifting, and the homePLAY activities were enlightening and FUN! It really helped me more fully understand my current life experience and define my IDEAL life, as well as provided empowerment in knowing that I AM the master of my future!! It gave me several easy and fun, practical ways of integrating more positive actions into my daily life that will facilitate further forward-movement in achieving the life I want to live. Participating in this program was such a gift!! Truly life-illuminating!”

Michelle B.
Longmont, CO

“The experience of Fire and Flow continues to resonate with me months after completing the course. Jeanine authentically, and skillfully guides you on a journey of personal awareness and growth. The diverse variety of tools and knowledge she provides allow one to seamlessly incorporate a variety of avenues for self-discovery. Jeanine presents with joy, optimism and radiant energy that is contagious and leaves one confident in the process of walking their journey. I especially appreciate continuing to draw on the tools and teachings provided in Fire and Flow within daily life of business, relationships and self growth.”

Emily Hall