Refresh & Reset Meditation

Price: $1.11

Feel great, accomplish more and de-stress! Give yourself the gift of a quick refresh & reset in less than three minutes.

This unique combination, of guided rhythmic breathing infused with the healing music of Emmy Award winning Jim Oliver, offers you a one-of-a-kind, multi-sensory experience that amplifies deeper integration and rejuvenation.

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Fire & Flow Audios

Price: $197.00  (payment plan available)

Now is the time to feel the FIRE of being fully alive, filled with enthusiasm, possibility and passion. And to FLOW with deep peace, ease and joy.

The key is finding harmony—or more specifically, balancing how your energy comes to life. When you feel greater harmony and balance, you can organize and direct your energy towards the experiences you most want to create.

Through the Six Key Energy Principles— Mind, Body, Say Yes!, Spirit, Gratitude, and Service infused with the transformational healing music of Emmy Award winning Jim Oliver, you’ll receive a truly unique combination of strategies, practices and music to assist you in BEING and LIVING in your highest, most expansive state!

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