There comes a time in everyone’s journey when you know…you just know a greater possibility exists for your life. If you’ve come to this crossroad, you are likely craving your own nature. Searching often outward, that which can only be revealed inward. The sage wisdom seeking to light up the pathway of experiences to satiate those deep yearnings. We all are meant to live our greatest potentiality – however short or long our run in this precious gig called life is. The best news is you get to choose – you get to choose to be and live the version of you you were meant to live. How? With a little help, support, and guidance from someone who’s been there. I create customized 6-month immersive experiences to empower you to realize greater levels of joy, freedom, love and impact. You live your legacy each day. You don’t just leave a legacy – you are living it now. May you live as who you came here to be!


Go beyond traditional Executive Coaching. Beyond potential. And beyond profit. Experience what it’s like to truly prosper—in every area of your life.

Jeanine Thompson, a former Fortune 50 executive has been where you are. An evidence-based psychotherapist with expertise in Energy Practices and Eastern studies, she offers a truly unique experience that transcends, transforms and evolves your capacity for excellence.

Working in partnership, Jeanine offers tools and strategies that up-level your capacity to be present, lead, deliver results and create lasting impact. Learn how to flow effortlessly as you navigate corporate grit, unrelenting demands and ever-changing expectations. Discover how by shifting your energy, you’ll maximize your innate potential, experience greater levels of well-being and create personal and professional alignment. Step into a life that is stronger, happier, healthier, more successful, prosperous and joyful.



Be the highest expression of your leadership potential.

Your unique combination of personality traits can accelerate or de-rail your ability to drive results, create desired leadership impact and achieve your career aspirations.

Strategic self-awareness provides you with wisdom and a compass to be the highest version of you and deliver highest value.

This process integrates objective science based assessment data, fused with a deep understanding of how your relationship with yourself, others, and the world impacts your ability to tap into your innate wisdom, potential, and desired success.

Whether you are seeking a promotion, determining your next career path, or committed to maturing your leadership presence, impact and ability to drive results – the vital awareness of who you are, how you are likely to be perceived, and what you can do to best leverage and evolve your use of self will greatly enhance what matters most to you professionally.

I’ve been there. I know what it takes to succeed in diverse corporate environments. Integrating unique expertise as a psychotherapist, fortune 50 executive and energy practitioner you receive a holistic, comprehensive assessment with tangible business application. Oh…and we have some fun with this along the way too!

Fully activate your passion and potential. Create crazy great results with more joy and ease.

This experience includes:

  • Leadership Profile: Capabilities and strengths, core business drivers, and high-risk characteristics that derail relationships, productivity and success.
  • Two-hour de-brief and strategy session: Targeted developmental recommendations to catalyze your leadership capacity and potential.