Audio Course:

Feel the FIRE of being fully alive, filled with enthusiasm, possibility and passion; and activate your FLOW, your natural state of deep peace, ease and joy.

Fire & Flow is a dynamic transformational experience. It’s like striking a match and lighting up your capacity to love, expand and accelerate.

The key is finding harmony—or more specifically, balancing how your energy comes to life. When you feel greater harmony and balance, you can organize and direct your energy towards the experiences you most want to create while shining as your highest expression.

The Six Key Energy Principles— Mind, Body, Say Yes!, Spirit, Gratitude, and Service— are a synergistic system of science based and spiritually aligned strategies and tools. These principles help you harmonize your energy and get clear about the experience you’d like to create in every aspect of your life.

Each is a catalyst that will assist you as you awaken your highest potential. You’ll experience true transformation through a vast range of offerings that include evidenced-based processes to dissolve limiting beliefs, EFT, strategies to raise your vibration through the power of love, forgiveness practices, and energetic creative visualizations to draw forward desired experiences.

Along the journey, you’ll be enveloped with the transformational healing music of Emmy Award winning Jim Oliver. This unique combination offers a one-of-kind multi-sensory, deeply cellular experience that brings you straight into the heart of knowing the love, wisdom, and potential you are, have always been and will always be.

The experience includes the Fire and Flow audio series (6 audios), a 60 page PLAYbook (a life-long, step-by-step reference tool) that contains high level notes, guided practices, tools, discovery questions to strengthen new skills, and recommended action-steps for each each energy principle, and the powerful experience of Jim’s music.

Now is the time to feel the FIRE of being fully alive, filled with enthusiasm, possibility and passion. And to FLOW with deep peace, ease and joy. This is truly a unique combination of strategies, practices and music to assist you BEING and LIVING your highest, most expansive state!

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Be the highest expression of your leadership potential.

Your unique combination of personality traits can accelerate or de-rail your ability to drive results, create desired leadership impact and achieve your career aspirations.

Strategic self-awareness provides you with wisdom and a compass to be the highest version of you and deliver highest value.

This process integrates objective science based assessment data, fused with a deep understanding of how your relationship with yourself, others, and the world impacts your ability to tap into your innate wisdom, potential, and desired success.

Whether you are seeking a promotion, determining your next career path, or committed to maturing your leadership presence, impact and ability to drive results – the vital awareness of who you are, how you are likely to be perceived, and what you can do to best leverage and evolve your use of self will greatly enhance what matters most to you professionally.

I’ve been there. I know what it takes to succeed in diverse corporate environments. Integrating unique expertise as a psychotherapist, fortune 50 executive and energy practitioner you receive a holistic, comprehensive assessment with tangible business application. Oh…and we have some fun with this along the way too!

Fully activate your passion and potential. Create crazy great results with more joy and ease.

This experience includes:

  • Leadership Profile: Capabilities and strengths, core business drivers, and high-risk characteristics that derail relationships, productivity and success.
  • Two-hour de-brief and strategy session: Targeted developmental recommendations to catalyze your leadership capacity and potential.

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Go beyond traditional Executive Coaching. Beyond potential. And beyond profit. Experience what it’s like to truly prosper—in every area of your life.

Jeanine Thompson, a former Fortune 50 executive has been where you are. An evidence-based psychotherapist with expertise in Energy Practices and Eastern studies, she offers a truly unique experience that transcends, transforms and evolves your capacity for excellence.

Working in partnership, Jeanine offers tools and strategies that up-level your capacity to be present, lead, deliver results and create lasting impact. Learn how to flow effortlessly as you navigate corporate grit, unrelenting demands and ever-changing expectations.

Discover how by shifting your energy, you’ll maximize your innate potential, experience greater levels of well-being and create personal and professional alignment. Step into a life that is stronger, happier, healthier, more successful, prosperous and joyful.

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The Soul Crisis Solution

Are you experiencing a Soul Crisis?

  • Does your life look good from the outside…but inside you feel restless and dissatisfied?
  • Does something in your life feel off…but you’re scared to rock the boat even though you yearn for something more meaningful – that makes you feel alive?
  • Are you in constant pursuit of more: success, the next job, the next house, relationships, material stuff etc…and the hamster wheel leaves you feeling empty and unfulfilled?
  • Do you give as much as you can in every area of your life… but you feel exhausted and over-extended trying to juggle it all?
  • Does your success no longer give you the same juice…but the way forward is unclear, and you have a feeling that if you don’t make a change you’ll regret it?

If you said yes to any of these, you are probably in the midst of a Soul Crisis. Although it doesn’t feel like it right now, you’re being given the ultimate invitation for a quantum leap in your life. Your crisis is a doorway.

You may not always recognize that you’re in a Soul Crisis as it can be subtle and easy to ignore. On the other hand, it could be screaming loudly for you, but you’ve attributed what you’re going through to something or someone else.

You are not alone. The majority of successful people I’ve worked with over the past 25 years – executives, entrepreneurs and leaders in life – have found themselves in a Soul Crisis at some time.

A Soul Crisis will emerge when something in your life is out of alignment with a deeper knowing. It’s your Soul speaking through the unrest saying: “Hey, this set up is no longer serving you or anyone else. I’m offering you a wake up call, a Soul Crisis, as an invitation to enliven a greater possibility for your life.

If you are receiving a 911 from your Soul, then it’s time to listen.

The best news is the answers you seek are closer than they may seem. The Soul Crisis Solution empowers you to tap into your unique answers and path to resolve your soul crisis transform feelings of restlessness, yearning for more and fears of regret to a life filled with passion, meaning and purpose.

Joy. Meaning. Success. Peace. Freedom. Prosperity. Love. It’s all available. But first – Your Soul is calling – will you answer?

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Your true self is and has always been gently guiding you in the direction of connection to your Soul and the remembrance of who you really are. 

This six month experience is like fast-acting fertilizer for your Soul. Connect with and nourish the deepest parts of you to emerge as the most expansive expression of yourself.

Throughout 25 years of working in diverse settings in psychotherapy, Fortune 50 companies and consulting, I’ve observed a common pattern.You are highly accomplished and have pursued a multitude of professional and personal development options. And yet, despite all of this knowledge and external pursuit, you feel something is missing. You are not experiencing the joy, satisfaction or success you know is possible.

For some of you, the details of your life: career, relationships, health etc. from the outside appear near perfect. For others, there is an aspiration you pursue but can’t seem to achieve for some reason.

From my experience, the common thread and missing piece is a deeper understanding of and relationship with true yourself. You can best embody your highest potential, joy, success and satisfaction as you connect with your inner wealth: your innate wisdom, creativity and power that resides within your true self. From this place, you’re able to bring forward the highest expression of you while feeling fully alive, lit up, and connected to higher order experiences that close the gap on what was previously missing.

Every Soul has a truth to share, a rhythm that is like no other. 

Fusing western evidenced based clinical strategies, business expertise and eastern wisdom and practices, together we will discover what’s holding you back, so you can re-connect with the richest source of wisdom and potential possible; the wisdom and soul guidance that already lies within you.

We will embark on a journey, to unlock that which already exists. To help you remember a deeper truth and to move beyond the old stories and limiting beliefs that hold you back. In the process you will gain massive momentum and reclaim consistent well being and wholeness. Then you can bring forward what matters most to you in your life. And if you are feeling stuck and unsure what the “what” is, we’ll tap into your unique clarity that is seeking to emerge.

You’ll complete this experience armed with life-long skills that energize you to live a life you love and to recognize and engage in quicker course corrections as challenge come your way.

You have what it takes to free yourself and live with more joy, meaning, success, contribution, connection, prosperity and ease.

The “What” –  Soulesce is the art of weaving your Soul’s unique expression into day to day living.

  • Discover your limiting beliefs that fuel self-sabotage
  • Transcend patterns that no longer serve you
  • Catalyze your heart’s intelligence and align with your Soul’s knowing
  • Align your outer life with your inner knowing
  • Be at peace with your story – live in self forgiveness
  • Harmonize how you energy comes to life in service of your highest desires
  • Raise your vibration and actualize you aspirations

The “How”

  • Minimum 6 month engagement
    • Each client has a customized plan
    • Live: Minneapolis MN, or Virtual/Skype: out of state/country
  • A sample experience includes:
    • Half day immersion
    • Months One-Four
      • 2 (60 min) 1-1’s
    • Months Five and Six
      • 1 (60 min) 1-1
      • 1 (30 min) 1-1
    • Fire & Flow bonus
    • Reiki session (optional and highly recommended)
    • Optional: Assessment – Core Personality Traits
      • Strengths/potential, challenges and core value drivers, report, and
      • Strategic de-brief – 90 min.
    • Phone check-in’s and email support

Your greatest gift to others is Living Your Best Life.

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