“Jeanine Thompson is one of my favorite people. In the years I worked with her I found her work highly effective and completely unique. Jeanine works within established frameworks, but produces surprising outcomes. She is interested in and honors who you are, what you desire and hope to accomplish, and then uses that insight to help people unlock and apply their talents. At the end of the day Jeanine helped people produce great outcomes.”

Brad Anderson

Former Chief Executive Officer, Best Buy

“Jeanine empowers, engages and connects the dots within people and organizations like no one else. It’s all about energy. When you tap the hearts and minds of an organization you’ll get an extra 20% or more. Jeanine changes your paradigm—shifts your brain map in the best possible way. As executives, it’s usually our job to inspire. Jeanine inspires me. I love working with her. She’s been my partner; and when we work together, it’s shoulder to shoulder.”

Kevin Layden

President and Chief Executive Officer, Wesbild

“Jeanine understands the complexities that executives face each day. She is particularly insightful in regard to how different people bring themselves to work—and how that impacts business. We would highly recommend her!”

Angela Craig

Vice President of Global Human Resources, St. Jude Medical

“Jeanine Thompson is an extraordinary leader in the emerging field of business energetics. She is a woman with impeccable business savvy who is able to effortlessly bridge the world of business and the world of energy; leading the way to quantum shifts that will not only refuel your leaders, but ignite productivity, prosperity and the overall health of your business.”

Gina Soliel

Author, "Fuel Your Business: How to Energize People, Ignite Action and Drive Profits", CEO, Gina Soleil™

“I’d work with Jeanine in a second. She has X-ray vision when it comes to seeing beyond the surface to assess what’s really going on. She’s the whole package. She’s poised, perceptive, fun to be with—and is first and foremost, a solid business professional. She’s able to detect subtle nuances and ask questions that our senior team weren’t necessarily even considering. Her perspective always led to better answers. She’s truly unique, a great counsel and works seamlessly with teams.”

John Noble

Chief Financial Officer, Micro Electronics, Inc.

“I came to Jeanine because I was feeling drained, lacked direction and didn’t like what I was doing–even though I loved my job. Jeanine understands the pressures of business and was quickly able to offer tools and guidance that were transformational. From a business perspective, she’s been instrumental. I’ve exceeded my financial goals by 30%—and this has been my best year ever! From a personal side, my life is so much more fun, juicy and exciting. Thanks to Jeanine, I’m a better and happier person and that’s something I want to bring to my clients and staff.”

Heather M. Dawe

Results Executive, RE/MAX