Achieve Inner Wealth

Close the gap between all you’ve already achieved
and the deep longing for something more.

If you found your way here – you are likely searching for that ‘something’ missing.
Despite all of your success, you have an insatiable yearning for more.

You are not alone.

I work with high-achieving, mission-driven senior executives and entrepreneurs who appear to have it all. From the outside, your life looks near perfect. All should be well.

Yet it’s not.

In moments, the vision of what could be – for you and through you – is palatable. The dreams sewn into your heart are alive and on-fire.

Then life happens. As the strong one – fiercely independent, you take charge fixing, soothing and leading the business and others to higher outcomes and success. In the process – you lost you.

This was my story too. I get it!

And what I now know is –

just below the surface lies the wisdom to unlock your higher purpose and expanded potential.


Your search will be complete – that something missing and path forward will be illuminated.

With rare expertise as a former Fortune 50 executive, evidence-based psychotherapist and extensive training in the science of high performance and energy – I partner with you to enliven your inner and outer wealth.

You can live “the beauty of the and” – deep fulfillment and joy AND meaningful impact and freedom.

With science and soul, realizing all of who you are, what you desire to experience and contribute is possible.

It’s time.

Answer the call.